Ontogenisis Strategies aim is to help you become self-sufficient in the management of your learning and development strategy. The services we offer will be tailored to meet your specific requirements, and may fall into the following typical categories of service support: Launch services: Starting from scratch - engaging with key stakeholders to define and agree your learning and development strategy Review and update services: Where a strategy already exists but needs to be reviewed and updated to take advantage of new approaches to learning and development Coaching services: Providing advice and support to key members of your management team and key Human Resources professionals Access to learning services: Providing access to well established and credible training providers, including Managed Learning Services
Ontogenisis Strategies provides business support, coaching and advice for companies wanting to set-up, change the direction of or improve the performance of their Learning & Development strategy.

Ontogenisis Strategies is a Private Limited Company registered and incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 of England and Wales.


Ontogenisis Strategies Ltd. 81 Burton Road, Derby. DE1 1TJ. United Kingdom